Sunday, November 30, 2014


So, November flew in with all its winter darkness and not once did I sit down to blog. I did think about it, and even occasionally swung by to check if someone else might have gone ahead and blogged for me, but nope. So here I am, back with quince, mostly because they're so pretty and also smell pretty divine. (Not that I would ever buy a scented candle, but if I were the kind of lady who bought scented candles, I would totally buy quince instead, because it is so delightfully fragrant.

And here's another pretty photo sitting on my memory card. I baked. So there!

These pretty flowers looked so mesmerizing under our halogen spots. (Yes, we still have halogen spots. And yes, I know this is not 1992 ;) (Which reminds me, there are some people at work who always crack the joke "The 90s called and they want  their -- insert 90s object/style/trend of choice --back". I'm usually tempted to counter-crack "Hey, 2005 called, and they want their joke back", but then again they're such nice people, so there's really no reason to get snappy.

I bought a new couch! It was 500 DKK - which is less than a $100 - and not to brag or anything, but it's a super fancy B and B Italia couch. So, I think I made a bit of a scoop there. (SUPER FUN FACT: I bought it off the Danish equivalent of craigslist and guess what? It's like the ad lords can detect from my internet behavior that I'm living on my own, cause they're shoving all these banner ads for dating sites into my face! I can sort of see how my shopping around for furniture makes me look like some kind of recent divorcée, but at the same time it makes me feel so unwanted and lonely. So sometimes I scream back at the computer: " I DO have a boyfriend! In Africa! So there!

What else? Yes, I got out my Christmas decor yesterday. I never got around to actually decorating with it, because for some reason I always find it so difficult to 'integrate' Christmas decor in a tasteful manner. But anyway, happy december 1st! :)

And in final news, I wrote a debate piece for Danish newspaper Politiken! I suspect you might have to be a Danish, liberal arts grad to find it interesting, but just in case, here it is.


Johan said...

YES, that's me (boyfriend) and Bob Geldof here in Africa.

Glæder mig som en lille nisse til at komme hjem og befolke vores lejlighed.

Men nu vil jeg gå i gang med at arbejde på halv-femser-looket, i håb om at jeg en dag kan bruge 2005-joken, hvis jeg skulle blive så heldig.

Hanna Linnéa said...

vilken underbar lägenhet!