Sunday, March 29, 2015

Who needs Physics when we've got Chemistry?

I got all nostalgic last night and watched Francis Ford Coppola's "When Peggy Sue got married" on Netflix, and as soon as the opening credits rolled over my computer screen, I knew it was going to be a sweet reunion.

It's one of those movies I remember watching as a kid, except back then I probably missed out on most of the jokes and sassy dialogue. Case in point: The pick-up line above delivered by Nicholas Cage as heartthrob Charlie in a shimmering blazer jacket. (Oh, what one wouldn't do to be sixteen again and have the confidence to deliver that line to someone in Physics class!)

Anyway, as most kids on the blogs, I'm kind of on a feminist binge these days, in the light of which it was so thrilling to watch Kathleen Turner get transported back to her high school days and relive her senior year with all the confidence of an adult woman. Like, in the stereotypical make-out scene in Charlie's car, where Peggy Sue tries to get laid rather than the other way around, and she's met with the following reaction from Charlie:

You want to have intercourse?


What the hell is going on, Peggy Sue?

One week you say, "If you love me, you won't."

The next week you say, "If you love me, you will."

That's a guy's line!

And then when she doesn't get some, she doesn't go home to bed but goes out and gets it from the leather jacket-clad beat-poet Michael Fitzsimmons instead (!) (Only to politely decline his subsequent offer to follow him to Provo, enter a polygamous relationship and raise chickens to support his writing career.)

In general, there's just something about Kathleen Turner that's just so...I don't know, ballsy, to use a gendered term that kind of contradicts my whole point. But even in a girly, 60s dress and with a bow in her hair, she's all woman. Her voice, her body, her body language. The way she takes up space.

Although the movie ends with Peggy Sue waking up in the present day, where she gets back together with her adulterous ex-husband Charlie, her feelings and choices along the way are complicated and don't go by the straight and narrow the way movies want you to believe.

Watch it :) If nothing else for the dreamy costumes and set-designs.

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