Wednesday, July 29, 2015

summer 15

I figured I better document a bit of summer, because before I know it, it's come and gone and I'll sit all shriveled up on my couch and wonder if it was ever here at all.

So summer, what a swell thing! Except the weather hasn't been acting up all nice and as my 2 weeks off come to an end, I find that I'm paler and more sun deprived than I was before my vacation began. But who cares. Because Johan is back from Nairobi, and my one year as a grass widow and living off potato chips (literally, as in I ate potato chips for dinner) is O.V.E.R. Now we're cooking actual meals and doing other couple-y things like fighting and going out for breakfast and riding our bikes to faraway places and spending way too many hours watching HBO. And I'm diggin' it :)

Anyway, let's catch up.

These hollyhocks are right down the street from our house, and one morning after stepping out for bread, I made a point of walking past them slowly and take them in in all their splendor. It made me feel old yet also good about myself and later in the evening I forced Johan out for a walk so he could enjoy them too, which also made me feel old yet good about myself. 

When we lived in NY, going out for breakfast was kind of our thing (as opposed to the rest of NY who don't enjoy going out for breakfast at all). Same thing in Nairobi, come weekend, come breakfast out (as opposed to people in the slums who were like: "No, it's funny, I don't particularly enjoy going our for breakfast). Anyway, we never really found a perfect spot in Copenhagen, until, recently, we did. Someone recommended this place to us, and I feel hesitant about passing that recommendation on since there aren't that many tables at this place. Then again this blog doesn't have that many readers, so there you go. 

Pretty cous cous. When you say 'cous' in Danish it sounds like our word for 'pussy', and somehow that joke never gets old around this house. 

"Johan, can you, like, hold your hand real pretty and reach for one of the flowers? It's for the blog". (It's moments like these that I suspect he really misses the sweet life in Africa with Somali pirates and Islamic radicals. (I have a feeling it's not PC to say 'Islamic radicals'? If any radicals are reading this blog, I apologize.)

In real life this was green. I just turned it B&W to be artsy.  
We've been architecting! God and the banks willing, we're buying our first apartment this fall, and since it's currently an office space, we need to remodel. It feels scary and exiting all at once and sometimes I feel as if I'm the first human being ever to run the risk of investing in real estate. Then I remind myself that I'm not. 

Johan's foot. Having a bed fellow is the best. It's one of the things that truly beats being single and able to fart freely and without judgment.

Johan made me an Aperol that looked like a syrupy sunset, and I was all "I'm grammin' this shit" except I'm not on the gram, and thus this drink garnered no likes at all. Sad face.

So, as I said, we're planning on moving. We're not moving far. Maybe like a mile from our current place, but still it feels like a big deal because we love the hood that we're in, and the hood that we're moving to, not as much. Anyway, one Saturday we went out for a 'new neighborhood discovery walk' and dropped into little shops and cafes that we'll be frequenting once we move - this sounds like a very annoying and millennial thing to do, sorry. Anyway, one of our new local hang outs is a bahn mi place with tiny plastic tables outside. So modern :)

I made ice cream sandwiches one night and they were good but also pretty. 
A few years ago it kind of became a thing (among young cool kids with skinny bikes and a soft spot for ironic cultural consumption) to go to this hotdog place by the airport called Flyvergrillen, where airplane enthusiasts go to spot airplanes, including Bon Jovi's as documented above. Now the trend of going to this place has finally seeped down to the long tail of people like me, and my sister, because seriously, the same day that she went, we went (what are the odds?!). However, we didn't meet (what are the odds?!). 

If you have OCD, I'm guessing that you're FREAKING OUT over the neatness of my picnic 'basket'? You will, however, go even madder when you see this.... (if you have OCD, otherwise I imagine you're like so the tile layout sucks but whatever?)

My BFF got married! This image is a little misleading though because it's actually his kid brother's beflowered breast pocket. But hey, watching best friends getting married is sweet!
After the ceremony we went on a canal tour and I snapped this one of his mom, which I love. The photo and her. 

My dad and I went for a walk in the forrest and he spotted this tree, which looked like an oversized bonsai. I read in the New York Times that walking in the nature is good for people prone to brooding. Brooding is my middle name (not really), but after reading that article I've made a point of getting more out in to nature.  

On one of those nature walks, my dad and I also passed by these horses. Not that I want to challenge what the NYTimes article was saying, but that loner horse on the left kind of looks like it's brooding and I'm guessing it's outside all the livelong day. Just saying. 
We went picnicking by the ocean with friends. Finding a bench and table situation right by the water felt like striking gold. The fact that I got so excited made me feel old yet good about myself. It's all about the little things, as they say.

Who run the world? Kale! 

Catch you later :)